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Oscar's Story...

Oscar believes that ordinary people and objects are amazing and a little bit magical, just disguised in their commonness. That’s why he makes amazing tales and inventions that marvel at the everyday and imagine the extraordinary in the ordinary.

His imaginative work can colour and brighten ordinary walls, room, offices & the facade of buildings - any public space, really :)

But it's probably amiss not to introduce him…

Oh, hello there. My name is Oscar Finch. You might recall seeing my work in a range of prominent publications. You see by day I work in an office, have three wonderful little children and a beautiful wife, but in the early hours each morning, I’m an inventor, storyteller and maker (kind of like today’s Leonardo Da Vinci / Roald Dahl) who likes to find the extraordinary hidden in ordinary people and objects.

You see, Oscar Finch is a mysterious, secret identity, kind of like Batman to Bruce Wayne (or Ellis Bell to Emily Bronte, or Banksy to … whoever Banksy is).

Where did Oscar Finch’s journey begin? Well, ever since I was a small boy I loved the endless enchanted possibility of blank paper, pencils and paint (and school assignments about inventors and animals). I would draw and write and wonder with a frolicking imagination - leaping five times my height, owning an ordinary car that could secretly fly and controlling time. As the shadows of adulthood encroached however, I did that less and less (time I suppose has a way of dampening the imagination).

The nagging pull of pouring what I imagined onto paper, though was ever nagging like gravity. Soon a handful of time each morning became two handfuls and before long a handful of handfuls and before long, I saw my boyhood self again.

Oh, and that's my imaginary making place below...


Oscar mission is to change the world with a pencil, pens and beautiful paper so that his imaginative tales and creations can be found in rooms, offices, buses and wall facades in town and cities large and small - so people awe at the ordinary.

A billion people on earth would be nice :) A beloved collection of children’s books too (that Roald Dahl would be proud of). Oh, and a film trilogy...

But I’d love to start, if you don’t mind with you today!


Oscar love to hear from people, whether they’ve been touched by his creations, want to find out if they put his creations on the side of a building or buy a print for every citizen of their nation.  Contact Oscar here.




Oscar explains it in pictures and words here

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