The Most Magical Christmas Card

I've made your most magical Christmas card to share with someone.

Why?  We live in a tempest of an age. That’s why I’ve made something special for just a time as this and I’d love your help giving it to the people of your lovely country, city, town or hamlet.

What is it? You might think of it as the most thoughtful Christmas Card most people have shared :)

Why? There are a few simple things that lend it a magical quality (I’ve heard some of history’s most important inventions are sometimes the simplest - like pegs, screws or a miniaturised phone with touch-responsive glass :) ...

  • Hand drawn and crafted give it personal touch in our digital times
  • Deliberately designed (with instructions) to encourage creativity (even if it's been hibernating since childhood) and a little imagination through:
    • A choice of words for sincerity
    • A choice of picture for meaning
    • Blank spaces for heartfelt kindness

Who should you send it to? Any recipient you'd like to sprinkle kindness on: someone you know (friend or family), want to know (a Prime Minister, Oscar or Nobel Prize winner), don’t know (a bus driver, parking inspector or barista). It could be someone liked or even better, someone disliked :)

What do I hope will happen? Tis the season for generosity and unexpected kindness: like a Rube Goldberg Machine sending this Christmas card will spark a chain reaction where one person’s kind gesture will lift the mood of another, who in turn will lift another and so on until soon the city is enveloped by a beautiful, cheery countenance! (Oh, and maybe even a Nobel Prize for us :)


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