Why we're all like this artwork of mine (and my challenge to you…)


For the past month I've been on an epic adventure to answer the four questions that torture all artists. So I'd like a quiet fireside chat with you to reflect for a moment.  

(I call it ‘Quest Of The Four Questions’ which are how to get more humans to see my artwork, to care, to give money and before I’m dead).

Let me explain the predicament of the first question by sharing the tale of a man named Galbraith.  

You see, Galbraith's predicament is that of all artists on earth. But it's also yours if you long to write a book or sing a song or merge your conglomerate to make the world's largest. You're a Galbraith if you want to create something for other people.

But if getting more humans to see my work was the only question to answer I would purchase a Times Square billboard (incidentally, if you can help me with this I'll happily accept...). Inspiring people to care is another matter.

That's why I hide in plain sight around the city and capture unnoticed people then imagine their tales. Tales have a way of floating over the defenses of humans and piercing their hearts.

Here is an artwork I completed recently that inspired care (there were supportive people and ridiculing, but people definitely cared)...

The City Of Sydney and City Of Brisbane both shared it with their parking inspectors which was a victory for the second question.

I'd now like to give you (yes, you reading this now) a small challenge for the next one week. I hope it will help you care...

I'd love to hear how you go (just contact me here).

Next up I've got an unusual way to answer the Quest Of The Four Questions.

If you'd like to follow my adventures I'd love to keep you in the loop by subscribing to my newsletter here.

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These are the most common questions asked of Oscar.


Why are your products so special?

Many products (including wall art and t-shirts) are made by combining stock art (you know, images you can buy on used on bad advertisements) to make pretty patterns that don't mean a lot.

Oscar’s works are original and interesting - all designed and crafted using his own hands onto real paper with his imagination, real pencils and ink. That’s what makes each piece like nothing else in the world.

What are the prints made of? Why are they such quality?

Each piece is printed onto the finest museum grade paper. Oscar chooses the Hahnemuhle brand because it feels and looks superb (if you’re interested it’s acid free and calcium carbonate buffered) plus it can last longer than 100 years!

The inking process is called giclée printing and is a high-quality way of getting ink onto the best paper.

id="size" Which size is right for me? A few helpful things to consider:

A4 is small and good for a small desk, kitchen or small wall like a corner.

A3 is medium and good for a larger desk, larger kitchen or moderate sized wall.

A2 a larger and really nice on a wall, behind a bed or desk, adorning a hallway or thoroughfare.

A1 a very large and a wonderful way to make an impact in a room, office, reception, thoroughfare or atrium. Pow.


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Do you offer free worldwide shipping?

Oscar offers free shipping to anywhere in the world. The farthest flung so far is the Netherlands, United States and England but he’d love to go even further! (perhaps you’re from Nepal or Antarctica maybe?)

How can Oscar offer free shipping?

Well, Oscar loves free shipping and it’s worth what it costs him for radically happy customers!

Can I return and get a refund if I’m not 100% happy?

Yes! Of course. Oscar wants you to be radically happy and satisfied (that’s good business isn’t it? But also good humanness...). We’re convinced you will be! But if for whatever reason you’re not super happy please contact us and we’ll arrange a full refund as soon as humanly possible.


Oscar is Award-Winning?

Yes. He’s entered and won art prizes including for a piece about a magical bus and its passengers and a 22 page piece Moleskin about a boy who woke up with a strange knowing one day. He was also featured in prominent publications for his work and journey to one of the world’s largest portrait prizes, The Archibald Prize.

But now he prefers to imagine and make to change the world.

What is Oscar’s life Mission?

Oscar mission is to change the world with a pencil, pens and beautiful paper so that his imaginative tales and creations can be found in rooms, offices, buses and wall facades in town and cities large and small - so people awe at the ordinary.

A billion people on earth would be nice :) A beloved collection of children’s books too (that Roald Dahl would be proud of). Oh, and a film trilogy...

But I’d love to start (if you don’t mind) with you today!

● Have another questions? Contact Oscar here and he'd love to answer it!

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