Product Review: The iconic TW Steel Men’s Canteen Bracelet Automatic Watch


Written from the 22nd century by prominent historian.

Few objects are as recognisable today, in the 22nd century as the 2016 TW Steel watches which stands alongside the Magna Carta, Mona Lisa and Crown Jewels for iconic fame.

Created as a simple but beautiful oversized steel watch by the popular Dutch watch company, the sapphire coated face, automatic mechanism and cap covered hook made a fine looking time-telling machine when released in 2016.

They would have remained merely that until just after noon one July in the early 21st century with the swift destruction of an entire city.  All that was recovered from the smoldering 25 mile crater were two TW Steel watches, their safety secured by a sturdy case.

The watches came to symbolise that apocalyptic event that reshaped the world.

Their elevation to fame and desire is cloaked in some mystery, but the watches’ theft in a heist from the British Museum where on loan ten years later raised awareness in the public imagination.

In the ensuing five years until they were recovered, rumours and myths grew about the good fortune and power it bestowed its holder whereupon a fierce bidding war broke out among a handful of the world’s richest individuals and institutions which resulted in its sale as one of the most expensive objects in the world.

Its story is immortalised in this iconic tale by Oscar Finch...


Passersby were oblivious that in a month these two watches would be all that survived the city's great apocalypse and a century later bought by a collector for the price of a thousand houses.

Purchase a TW STEEL watch here.


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Many products (including wall art and t-shirts) are made by combining stock art (you know, images you can buy on used on bad advertisements) to make pretty patterns that don't mean a lot.

Oscar’s works are original and interesting - all designed and crafted using his own hands onto real paper with his imagination, real pencils and ink. That’s what makes each piece like nothing else in the world.

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Each piece is printed onto the finest museum grade paper. Oscar chooses the Hahnemuhle brand because it feels and looks superb (if you’re interested it’s acid free and calcium carbonate buffered) plus it can last longer than 100 years!

The inking process is called giclée printing and is a high-quality way of getting ink onto the best paper.

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Oscar is Award-Winning?

Yes. He’s entered and won art prizes including for a piece about a magical bus and its passengers and a 22 page piece Moleskin about a boy who woke up with a strange knowing one day. He was also featured in prominent publications for his work and journey to one of the world’s largest portrait prizes, The Archibald Prize.

But now he prefers to imagine and make to change the world.

What is Oscar’s life Mission?

Oscar mission is to change the world with a pencil, pens and beautiful paper so that his imaginative tales and creations can be found in rooms, offices, buses and wall facades in town and cities large and small - so people awe at the ordinary.

A billion people on earth would be nice :) A beloved collection of children’s books too (that Roald Dahl would be proud of). Oh, and a film trilogy...

But I’d love to start (if you don’t mind) with you today!

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